Meet the team
Meet the team

A big hello from the all-singing, all-dancing female super team at Baby Batiks. We love to hear from you.

Contact us with any ideas, comments, queries, complaints, or simply if you just want to say hi back!

“Karen has always had a love for Batik patterns and style- we suspect she was a hippie back in the day!”

Leila (Director, Marketing & Events)

launched Baby Batiks in 2015 following her love of working with start-ups. Leila’s background lays in PR, events and small business.

She is in charge of spreading the word of Baby Batiks, and organises pop-up stalls across the UK. Keep an eye out for her at festivals, boutique markets and baby conventions, and come and say hello!

When she is not traveling around, Leila loves to cook, watch mind-numbing TV and play nerdy word games.

Mariam (General Manager)

is the wheels and cogs of Baby Batiks. She keeps the office ship-shape and shiny and is known to shake up a delicious Friday cocktail or two.

When she is not running the show here at Baby Batiks, Mariam is a talented teacher and lover of languages.

Karen (Product Designer)

manages Baby Batiks clothing from design stages, to suppliers and tailors, right up until little parcels of love are delivered to our doorstep.

Karen has always had a love for Batik patterns and style- we suspect she was a hippie back in the day. She is no stranger to small business, running her own successful independent one over the last decade. In her spare time, Karen has a keen interest in travel, books, yoga and T’ai chi.

Louisa (Social Media Coordinator)

is the brawn and brains behind our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest sites.

Louisa manages the content and scheduling of our social media channels, keeping an eye out for news and trends. She has a love for all things pop-culture and is an aspiring beauty vlogger.

The Suppliers and Tailors

Similar to HQ, our suppliers and tailors are a small family team based just outside Jogjakarta, on the beautiful Island of Java.

Budi (the main man)

manages the tailors, orders and shipping. He ensures quality control and makes sure each item is made and delivered with love. Budi is a relaxed, funny guy with a heart of gold. In starting Baby Batiks he was due to be married and start a family of his own. Good luck and congrats Budi!

Hari & Cos (tailors)

have been in the business since before they can remember. Cos is super speedy on the sewing machine and a perfectionist. She leaves no hem unhemmed, no button unbuttoned, and keeps a close eye on husband Hari!